Butt Heart

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Naughty colorful butt in a heart, designed by the rainbow fairy @shiratwig

Medium sticker - 20x20cm / 8x8''

The transparent sticker is recommended for white surfboards, if you have a dark color surfboard or have big logos, text or illustrations on your board that you want to hide, you should consider purchasing the white background sticker.

All of our stickers are made from high quality adhesive vinyl that is water resistant and was designed to last for years under rough conditions. 

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Putting the sticker on your board is easy but requires paying attention to the following details:

- Make sure to clean up the spot where you want to put your sticker really well. Remove any wax or sand and then make sure it's completely dry

- It's recommended to use a credit card (or something similar) to ensure that there are no air bubbles when you put the sticker.

- Start with one end of the sticker and use the credit card to slowly smooth and stick the rest of the sticker to your board

- Once the whole sticker is glued to the board give it another gentle sweep with your card

- Give the sticker 24-48 hours to dry before taking your board to the sea

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