About us:


The story of Inkedsurf begins when I became addicted to surfing.
Living in Israel, with our Mediterranean sea waves, can be challenging for someone who would like to surf every day.

It means that missing on non flat days is not an option.

I'm also obsessed with tattoos, can't get enough of them! To keep a fresh tattoo unharmed, you need to avoid the sea for two weeks.

Two full weeks of no surfing, when most probably there will be a few surfable days in between, sounds like a problem.

From the frustration of two addictions colliding, an idea came up - until I can take a break from surfing and get new tattoos, I'll put some cool tattoos on my board.
Not only will I be able to put tattoos of my favorite local artists, now I can also have on my board tattoos of international artists that I admire and could never get to.

That's basically Inkedsurf and if you feel like I do you're more than welcome to pick a few stickers and upgrade your surfboard's look.

We gathered tattoo artists and illustrators from all over the world with various styles and will continue to expand our offering with new artists and styles.

At Inkedsurf we are trying to create high quality products and make our customers happy. Our goal is to make you smile! We are always open to hear from you, tell us about the good and the bad, ask questions, make suggestions and feel free to share anything that's on your mind with us.

Thank you for showing an interest in Inkedsurf and may the waves be always good to you 🤙

 Yaniv Solnik, Inkedsurf Founder